Hi, I’m Eveline and you’re reading my site.

I’m a curious person and am driven by curiosity. The search for answers leads me to learn new things about subjects that interest me such as history, fashion, politics, and art. My curiosity drives me.
Besides looking for answers, I enjoy being creative. Creating things gives me a sense of fulfilment. In my free time, I occupy myself with fashion: learning about, designing, and making clothes. Besides that, I love to paint and play field hockey. I’m very stern about myself and others and am therefore very critical of my work.

Eveline Slavov Slavov in my favorite season; winter. Get to know more about me.
This is me, Eveline Slavov Slavov.

I was born 7 months into the start of the millennium so that makes me 21 years old. I’m born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium by my Belgian mother and Bulgarian father. After graduating high school, I started studying political sciences. Soon I discovered that this study wasn’t something I wanted to continue because I wanted to express my creativity. So I switched schools. Now I’m studying Communication Management (in Dutch) at Thomas More College. During this course, I got the chance to do an exchange in Denmark at KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology). There I followed the Multimedia Design program.

I don’t make a five- or ten-year plan. I go with the flow and seize every opportunity. The only career goal that I have for the moment is to graduate with a bachelor’s in PR and complete an internship with a company that I love.

My portfolio page is at this moment under construction but my blog with new posts is up and running. Get a peek inside my head with the posts about PR and finding myself an internship.